Monday, November 24, 2014

“Gay Rights Are Wrong”

Program Resource Submission

Program Title:    “Gay Rights Are Wrong”                                                                                Date:                                                    

Staff Member(s):             Cherkira, Chukwuemeka                                                                                                             

Staff Member Area(s): 156 High (Writer’s Block)                                                                                                              

Were any other student groups/offices/organizations involved?  If so, please list:            UJAMAA, QueerWes, WeSlam                                                                                                                                                                              

Please provide a brief description of the program:
This program was designed to facilitate dialogue across very different groups on campus. It consisted of a workshop on White Supremacy in the Gay Rights Movement. It also, had an incredible spoken word performance by a group called “Dark Matter.”

Please list any materials/items/supplies needed for the program, as well as an approximate budget:

This program costs about 3500 for honorarium and travel of the performers and workshop facilitators.

In your opinion, what made this program such a success?

The group “DarkMatter” was the biggest success of the program because they are brilliant, movement builders and are dedicated to restorative justice. Also, advertising and planning ahead was key. 

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